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Common Backup PDF Print E-mail
Written by Josh Pressnell   
Friday, 09 April 2010 14:52

You asked for it and now I've got it!

Common Backup is a desktop Java application that allows users of all my "Collection apps" running version 2.1.1  and later to connect their devices to their desktop and backup/restore their databases at home.  No email required.  No file server required. 

Download for Windows | Universal Executable JAR File

To install:


  1. Download the install program from the link above.
  2. (For Windows Vista and later) Once downloaded, right-click on the install program and select "Run As Administrator".
  3. (For Windows XP) Once downloaded, double-click on the install program to run it.
  4. Follow through the automatic install prompts.
  5. Run the program "Common Backup"
  1. Download the universal JAR package from the link above.
  2. Unzip the contents to a convenient folder.
  3. Double click on the JAR file.
  4. NOTE: The JAR file and the lib folder need to be in the same directory for the program to operate.
To operate:
  1. Follow the instructions to install and run the application above. (if needed)
  2. Once the application is running, open iBookshelf, MyBoxOffice, Disc Tracker, or My Library on your iPhone.
  3. Go to the Utilities tab.
  4. Select "Connect to desktop..."
  5. The phone will automatically find your desktop and attempt to connect to it.
    • NOTE: Your iPhone/iPod/iPad MUST be in wifi mode and on the same network as your computer for the utility to function correctly and connect to the desktop software.
    • NOTE: Firewalls or other network configurations may prevent the iPhone from connecting to your desktop.  I cannot help you with local network configuration, as there are too many variations in setup for me to be effective.  However, if you're having trouble connecting a good place to start is to make sure any anti-malware or firewall software on your desktop is configured to allow the backup application to operate.
  6. Once connected, tap "Send Database" on the phone to backup your database.
  7. Once connected, you may click the Browse button in the backup application to choose a backup file.
    • NOTE: Backup files are saved with an extension .sql and will be in the format *date_stamp*_media_database.sql.  By default, these files will be stored on the user's desktop.  The user may select to change the directory the application will save files to.
  8. Once a backup file has been chosen, click "Send To Unit" to restore the backup to your phone.
That's it!  Simple and easy!


Last Updated on Sunday, 17 June 2012 10:44

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