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John Zimmerman     21 October 2013 16:31 | Mesa, Arizona
Love My Library and very much appreciate that you fixed the landscape view so that it works no matter which way I turn my iDevices. Please leave the horizontal Rolodex-style display in place and don't replace it with that awful type display that Apple built into the Music landscape display. 8)

Hank     05 September 2013 08:10 | Ontario, Canada
One more suggestion...
It would be a nice improvement if there was symbol in the "By Title" view that indicated that a book or other item is lent out to somebody.
Still love the app! :)

Hank     05 September 2013 07:50 | Ontario, Canada
Hello Verietas,
I have purchased the full version of "My Library". I think the app is fabulous!
There is one suggestion that I would make however. If the user could link a borrower to a contact on the smart phone, it would provide the ability to auto fill the field as well as access the contact info for that individual with a simple click for better resource management. It would also be good if the borrower isn't already in the smart phone contact list to be able to make a new contact record through the app and add the inidividual's contact information. Just an idea...

Great App! Love it! :)

Cale Carmichael     25 March 2013 08:51 | Frankfurt, Germany
Hello, I pre-order many books and would like to see a release date field to track when the book will be delivered to my Kindle.

BruceL     11 February 2013 04:18 |
Happy with My Library app for iPhone. It is great. However, I'd like to see some improvements. First I'd like to see a way to transfer the data to the Mac and also use it on my iPad. Next, I'd love if we could set some of the books to show and share with friends via Facebook and LinkedIn. And finally can a field and search based on Library of Congress number be added. I have lots of old books and this may speed the process.

Jerry C     11 September 2011 17:40 |
Impressed so much with the lite versions of iBookshelf and MyBoxOffice, I bought the full MyLibrary app. FANTASTIC!
My ONLY suggestion: I have a music library that includes LP, cassette, and (don't laugh!) 8-track tapes. If the 'Format' field were active for the Album section, that would allow me to easily include these items. Currently my work-aroound is to use the 'Collections' field.
All said, a TERRIFIC solution to my needs! Thanks!

Nauscicaa     25 August 2011 12:40 | The Netherlands
Hi Josh,
Great app! I am using Disc Tracker and its the most convenient way to make a database of my music i've ever tried.

I would love it if you could add a field for the year of release, it would make the app much more convenient for me.

D Dyakova     22 May 2011 11:41 |
Thanks for all the awesome apps you've made for the iPhone, but especially for the iBookshelf app!
Because I recently turned my attention to Android devices I saw that there is no Bookshelf app for Android devices. Are you planing on developing one in near future?
It will be the greatest thing ever :) And you can all it aBookshelf :)

Jamie     03 April 2011 06:38 | TN
Hi, I wanted to let you know how much I love your iBookshelf app, it's absolutely priceless! I was also wondering if you have it available for Android and I missed it somewhere? I'd be very interested in it, since I always have my phone with me, but not always my iPod. Thanks for such a great app!

Neil     01 March 2011 17:49 |
I'm enjoying iBookShelf, but would like to see Publisher, Edition, Year fields added.

I also see entered books showing as blanks in the 'By Title' view sometimes - resolved by switching to another view and back (on iPod Touch 4).

Adrian Warrillow     09 February 2011 20:04 | England
I love ibookshelf and also my library, I was just wondering if you had any plans to add a video game section to my library, or a separate app?
Absolutely excellent work though, highly recommended apps! :grin

Victor Dominguez     30 January 2011 04:38 | Miami, FL
I love iBookshelf and have found it very useful. I have a pretty large book collection and before this app, it was common for me to buy the same book twice (and once a third time) because I simply forgot that I had it. All I knew was that I had read it b4. My only problem is that the website where you could check out your book collection online is now down. Any news on whether a new one has been set up? The old one's URL is:

Lisa Souza     24 January 2011 13:48 | Vermont
I just got the My Library program and other than the expected bugs that I saw written about in reviews on iTunes, I'm pretty happy with the overall app and concept.

I would really love to see the location field be something that works like Genre, where you type in a location once and then can keep picking it from an existing list or add a new one if you need to. The of course, I would like to be able to sort/view by location. I really have a lot of books and other media


Leona Kajiko     23 January 2011 15:06 |
I am using My Library and hav a large amount of books. The tips keep telling me to to layer my data using the iOS stuff. Where do I find the iOS info and how do I do it??

Bill Schaffer     22 January 2011 13:03 |
I wish the iBookshelf had a field to add a read date, or some type of date field.

I love the program, but have had some issues making entries. The bottom of the form won't show until I save the file. I have to go back in and edit to add the rating and some info on the book.

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