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A. Derby Jones     05 July 2010 11:02 | Boston
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
I've tried many similar apps and desktop programs, but iBookshelf is by far the best and easiest. My only request would be to add the ability to sort by read/unread and ratings, but I see you said you're working on more sort options. it crashed on my iPhone 4 in landscape view, don't know if that's a known issue..... :grin

Matthew Warren     30 June 2010 14:14 | Tennessee
Thanks for creating a great app. I love the ease of use and especially the speedy support from your email support link. I look forward to seeing the updates come out.

I would agree with one comment that the publisher field would really be a great addition.

Edward Armstrong     24 June 2010 11:31 | St. Louis, MO
Just wanted to say I've enjoyed iBookshelf for some time now but just got around to setting up an "on line" account. Thanks for the updates to the app as well. 8)

Christa     18 June 2010 13:58 |
Got My Library a few days ago and have been busily scanning. I'm really enjoying it, but I'm going to ditto the person who asked for a Publisher field. I have a couple of "duplicates" because some of them are older and I don't want to get rid of them; I presume if they have different information (in the Publisher field) it wouldn't give me the duplicate warning? Or else it would be nice if instead of refusing to create a duplicate entry, it would give the choice to go ahead and create it anyway, or cancel.

Thanks for a great app though!
Admin Comment:Admin comment:
The "duplicate" detection only checks to see if an item has the same UPC/ISBN code. If it does, then it disalllows the duplicate.

The next release will warn about the duplicate and let you choose to proceed or not.

Right now I'm adding more tabs to support different sorting on the various data items. After that, I'll be adding more data fields. It's coming SOON!

Luciano     12 May 2010 14:48 | Italy
MyLibrary :very nice app...

but there isn't publisher field....
Is possible to implement it in next version?

I need it... :p

Admin Comment:Admin comment:
Publisher, Series, and a few other data fields are getting added as soon as I can get to it. Right now I'm adding more tabs for different sort options on existing data. It's coming SOON!

Gerald Griffin     21 April 2010 05:41 | London, UK
Er, ignore the last bit about a random function. I've just worked it out (i.e. I've just RTFM!)

Gerald Griffin     21 April 2010 05:38 | London, UK
Busy scanning in my library! How about a random selection feature for when I can't make my mind up what to read? Just realised how to set default status to 'own' (go to Settings in iPhone). Great value app!

Kimberly Michaud     09 March 2010 17:20 |
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
I just purchased ilibrary and the scanner. Slick. My only disappointment is that I can sort, view by Author only by title. Is that somethingn that is possible in the future? :p

Robert Hosler     12 February 2010 13:28 | San Jose, Ca
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
I've been using iBookShelf for awhile now and have 1600 entries so far. It's a great app and worth the price of admission. I noticed another app called My Library that includes iBookShelf and others. Can I use this with my present database in iBookShelf? Keep up the good work, it's much appreciated. :roll

Gerald Hope     08 February 2010 08:14 | Cardiff Wales UK
Hi Josh,
Thanks for the great Apps - I use both iBookshelf and Disc Tracker. Is there any way of combining the backups for both of these - by customer for example otherwise two separate passwords are needed to avoid overwriting each backup.
Thanks again Josh

Brian     06 February 2010 06:05 | Callington, Cornwall
Hi Josh, Thanks for a good app the ibookshelf app would be even more useful if the ISBN field was not a required field. I often want to add a book name that I havnt got in my hand.
A Desktop version of the program would be a real benifit for puting in lots of information. And lastly a date bought and a date read field would be helpful. Is there a way to alter the date fields for UK users.

Loralee Quintero     03 February 2010 20:12 | CA
I just bought iBookshelf, it's great! I love having the ability to scan the barcodes, it saves a lot of typing. :grin

Abby     18 January 2010 13:55 |
Great app, I love it, I just wish you could sort the authors by last name first.
Keep up the good work! :grin

Carlos Costa     08 January 2010 10:22 |
Hi Josh,

Congratulations and thanks for your excellent app.


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