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What is the import file format?

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There are two basic formats you can use to import data into My Library. Both formats are Comma Separated Values (CSV) files.

Simple Format

This is the simplest format for importing data into My Library and is also the format identified in the Help section in the app itself. The format is:
Books: 1,ISBN,Author,Title,Genre,Comment
Movies: 2,UPC,Title,Genre,Comment
CDs: 3,UPC,Artist,Title,Genre,Comment

In this format, the only optional field is the Comment field. All other fields must be present and in appropriate CSV format. If you don't include the comments column, you must either leave it entirely blank or include a blank column by indicating double quotes (E.G. "").

Extended Format

The extended format allows you to import and control all values in My Library, but it a bit more complex. The format is:
Books: 1,ISBN,Author,Title,Genre,Comment,Loan,Status,Rating,Format,Read,Location,Price
Movies: 2,UPC,Title,Genre,Comment,Loan,Status,Rating,Format,Read,Location,Price
CDs: 3,UPC,Artist,Title,Genre,Comment,Loan,Status,Rating,Format,Read,Location,Price

The only required fields are the "type prefix" (1,2,3), Author/Artist, and Title. With the exception of ISBN/UPC, all other fields can be left "blank" by putting in two quote characters for that field (E.G. ""). For ISBN/UPC, you must completely remove the column if you do not have the ISBN/UPC entered. With the exception of ISBN/UPC, you cannot leave out or delete any columns that are blank. They must be present and denoted by double quotes. Status values are integer numbers from 0-4 (0 is want, 4 is 86'ed... they start numbering on the left of the user interface bar for status and continue right). Format is an integer from 0-3, same numbering scheme (based on the bar location of the value in the user interface). Read is 0 for no and 1 for yes.

Performing the Import

In order to perform the import, you need to upload your file to a location that is directly accessible on the internet. There are several services online for this type of thing, but many of them which used to offer true direct links have stopped doing so and several have become much more trouble than they're worth. If you want to give your own a try, feel free. However, I offer temporary file hosting on this website to support network import. Simply login to this website and then click on the "Temporary File Hosting" link from the "Tools" menu on the left. Once you have uploaded your file, simply enter the "direct link" provided by the site, exactly as you see it, for your file into the "Source" field on My Library and tap Go. Your data will be pulled in for you to use!


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